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Frequently Asked Questions

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1.    Do you have to be a student to join the facility?

You do not have to be a student to become a member of the Wellness Center. Membership plans are available for all Alabama A&M employees, alumni and community members. See our Become a Member section for more information.


2.    How do current students begin using the facility?

A current Alabama A&M student has full access to the facility. He or she will be asked to complete a brief waiver form during the initial visit, which will be kept on file for the remainder of the year. Students are also required to bring a student ID during each visit to the Wellness Center.


3.    What do I need to bring when I come to the facility?

Current members are asked to bring their membership cards to enter the facility, while are current students are asked to bring their student IDs. It is important to note that students cannot use the facility without a student ID for safety purposes.


4.    Is there an age limit for children to come to the Wellness Center?

Children of all ages are welcome to use designated areas of the facility including the gymnasium, swimming pool, game room, and bowling alley with parental supervision. Ages 16 and above are free to use the entire facility without the supervision of an adult with a membership.


5.    Do you provide child care for members?

We do not provide child care for our members at this time.


6.    Are you open during school breaks?

We follow the university calendar. Please check with us for special hours throughout the year.


7.    Can I have food in the Wellness Center?

Members and guests are asked to retain all food to the Lounge area, near the entrance of the building. Only sealable beverage containers are allowed beyond the Member Services Desk.


8.    Does the Wellness Center have a dress code?

Athletic apparel and athletic shoes are required to be worn in all non-aquatic activity areas. Clothing which exposes inappropriate portions of the body or sends profane, inflammatory or bigoted messages are also prohibited.


9.    Where do you store personal items while in the facility?

All members and guests are strongly encouraged to store all personal items in the designated locker rooms with a secure lock. We offer daily locker rentals for your convenience.


10. Can my special guests use the facility while they are in town?

Yes. All guests are encouraged to purchase a daily guest pass to use the facility.