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Rentals and Reservations

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The Student Health and Wellness Center can host a variety of events from lectures and banquets to tournaments and birthday parties.


The following areas are available:

  • Multipurpose Room 115

  • Small Activity Room 201

  • Large Activity Room 202

  • Room 208

  • Room 209

  • Room 210

  • Gymnasium

  • Swimming Pool

  • Bowling Alley

  • Game Room

  • Juice Bar Area


Facility Reservations for Approved Student Organizations

Approved student organizations by the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development are required to complete and submit a Student Organization Facility Request Form to our Administrative Office at least fourteen days before the desired date.


Facility Rentals for Off-Campus Individuals and Organizations

Off-campus individuals and organizations are required to complete and submit a Facility Rental Form at least one month before the activity. Rental requests are subject to a non-refundable deposit of $20. Upon approval of request, the remaining balance for the facility will be required.

These forms can be downloaded from the column on the right or obtained from our Member Services Desk. For more information on facility rentals or to make a reservation, please call (256) 372-7000 or e-mail ​