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AAMU Summer Programs 2012

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Africa Summer Internship Program (ASIP)

Contact: Dr. James O. Bukenya, professor of resource economics, (256) 372-5729.

Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Africa.pngFocus The overall objective is to provide opportunities for AAMU students to increase their awareness, deepen their understanding and prepare for future employment in a knowledge-based economy.

Target: Five to ten students from the College of Agriculture, Life and Natural Sciences (COALNS) and the College of Business and Public Affairs (COBPA) who meet the selection criteria will travel to Ghana (University of Ghana) to engage in a program of study designed to build a well-rounded student with international exposure.

Duration June (2 to 3 weeks)

Cost:  Free

Absolute Deadline: Call Program Director: (256) 372-5729.



Alice Camp

(PIIT Computer Camp)

Contact: Dr. Joel Fu at (256) 372-4119.

Focus:  As one of the Partners for Innovation in Information Technology (PIIT) Program funded by the National Science Foundation, the AAMU Computer Science Department will be conducting 2012 summer computer camps.  This is one of three week-long, 40-hour summer camps.  Alice is a 3-D graphical programming language from Carnegie-Mellon that provides an “objects-first” approach to teaching programming. The Alice environment allows a student to create graphical animations and video games without the challenges that often accompany other approaches to learning programming for the first time.

Target:  Grades 9-12

Participants:  Limited seating

Duration:  One Week, June 4-8

Cost:  Free

Stipend:  $50




Computing in the Modern World Camp

(PIIT Computer Camp)

Contact: Dr. Joel Fu,, (256)372-4119.

Focus:  As one of the Partners for Innovation in Information Technology (PIIT) Program funded by the National Science Foundation, AAMU Department of Computer Sciences will be conducting 2012 summer computer camps. This is Computing.jpg
one of three week-long, 40-hour summer camps.

Scope:  An understanding of the operation of computers and computer networks and the creation of useful programs implementing simple algorithms.

Target:  Grades 9-12

Participants:  Limited seating

Duration:  One Week, June 4-8

Cost:  Free

Stipend:  $50




Costa Rica Summer Internship Program (CRSIP)

Contact:  Dr. Zachary Senwo, Office of Research & Sponsored Programs, (256) 372-8256.

Sponsor:  U.S. Department of Agriculture

Focus:   This program is designed to strengthen our capacities and capabilities in developing globally competent students and faculty in food, agriculture, natural resources and environmental sciences, as well as to promote awareness among students about international food, agricultural and natural resources.

Participants:  2 undergraduate students

Duration:  July 30-August 25

Cost:  Free



“Earn and Learn” Summer Program: Upward Bound Math and Science (UB/MS)

Contact: Bob Petty, Administrator, North Alabama Center for Educational Excellence (NACEE),, (256) 372-4600; Kyle Rose, LearnEarn.jpg
Sr., Instructor/Mentor, (256) 372-8283, Department of Engineering and Technology, Alabama A&M University.

Target:  Grades 9-12, qualified Upward Bound participants

Registration: By application only

Duration:  June 4-June 28

Sponsor Department of Technology Grant



HBCU-UP Summer Bridge Program-SBP

Contact: Ms. Dianne Kirnes at (256) 372-8786 or Dr. Mostafa Dokhanian at (256) 372-8131.

Focus:   SBP is one of seven programs under the NSF-sponsored AAMU HBCU-UP project. The program focuses on strengthening participants’ Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) academic and social skills. Participants attend four classes per day for one hour each.  The classes include: “Mathematics for STEM students”, “STEM Fundamentals” (Science and Engineering Fundamentals & Design), “Introduction to Scientific Computation and Computer Visualization”, as well as “Technical Writing and Critical Thinking in the STEM disciplines”.  Additionally, students will be trained on “Skills for STEM Success” (e.g., test preparation, note taking, time management, exploring learning styles, etc.).

Participants:  30 rising juniors and seniors from local high schools

Requirements:  Prospective applicants are required to submit an on-line application ( and two letters of recommendation from science teacher, math teacher or counselor.

Duration:  June 4–July 13, 2012

Stipend:  $200/week for the six-week program



Lego STEM Transportation (LSTEM-T) Educational Outreach Program

Contact: Dr. Jacob Oluwoye, Department of Community Planning & Urban Lego-Mind.png
Planning, Alabama A&M University, Normal, Alabama 35762, (256) 372-4994,

Sponsor:  Thurgood Marshall College Fund

Target: Grades 8-11. LSTEM-T program gives high school students the chance to explore science and mathematics through a variety of LEGO-based activities to encourage a new generation of transportation professionals by introducing participants to basic engineering principles related to transportation systems and infrastructure.

Duration May 29 – June 9, 2012, 9:00 am – 12:00 noon

Absolute Deadline May 11, 2012



Massie Chairs of Excellence Summer Outreach Program (2012)

Contact: Ms. Diane Banks at or (256) 372-8064 or Dr. Stephen Babalola at or (256) 372-4131.

Focus:  This two-week summer outreach program is sponsored by the Massie Chairs of Excellence Professorship in Science and Engineering, U.S. Department Green.png
of Energy (DOE/NNSA). The program aims to expose middle/high school students to different areas of green, renewable energy and allow them to gain both theory and hands-on experience in these areas.

Registration Deadline:  June 15, 2012, by 5 p.m.     

Cost:  Free.  Lunch and snack will be provided

Camp Time: Non-residential, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Duration:  July 16-19 and July 23-26, 2012

Eligibility Requirements:  Students must complete 9th, 10th, or 11th grade in spring 2012 and must be a U.S. citizen or have permanent residence.



Michael P. Anderson Summer Outreach Program

Contact: Michelle Cunningham, College of Engineering, (256) 372-8284,

Requirements:  Submit application, two letters of recommendation, transcript, survey, and one-page essay on “The Importance of Mathematics and Science in Society” - MPASOP, P. O. Box 1148, Normal, AL  35762

Sponsor:  NASA & College of Engineering

Target:  A three-week non-residential summer enrichment program for high school students with strong interest in mathematics and engineering. Students will explore the many different fields of engineering through activities, competitions and field trips. For students having completed grades 9-11.

Duration:  June 11-28

Absolute Deadline:  May 12



Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU-Physics)

Contact: Dr. Padmeja Guggilla at (256) 372-8141 or Dr. Mostafa Dokhanian at (256) 372-8131.

Focus:  The Physics Department continues to offer its REU program during nanotechnology.png
summer 2012.  This summer opportunity promotes active engagement in cutting-edge research under the direction of faculty mentors.  The research projects available to participants include forefront physics research in Space Science, Photonics, Materials Science, and Nanotechnology.

Participants:  8 undergraduates

Duration:  10 weeks, May 28-August 3, 2012

Stipend:  $5,000 stipend, plus up to $2,200 to cover transportation, subsistence, and room and board expenses.



Research Experiences for Undergraduates-China

(Ecological and Environmental Research in an Urbanized Landscape)
Contact:  Dr. Elica M. Moss, assistant professor, Biological and Environmental Sciences, (256) 372-8219, or Dr. Yong Wang, professor, biological and environmental sciences, (256) 372-4229.
Focus:  The REU site at AAMU is an international program that will focus on China.gif
ecological and environmental scientific research of the quickly urbanizing landscape of Nanjing Province in China.  This research will engage students in a broad range of ecological and environmental scientific research with a focus on hypothesis-driven quantification, experimentation and the modeling of human-induced ecological and environmental changes, particularly ecosystem responses to urbanization.
Participants:  8 undergraduates
Duration:  8 weeks; May 22-July 21
Stipend:  $3000, plus travel to China, subsistence, and room and board expenses.


Robotics Camp

(PIIT Computer Camp)

Contact: Dr. Joel Fu at (256) 372-4119.

Focus:  As one of the Partners for Innovation in Information Technology (PIIT) Program funded by the National Science Foundation, Department of Computer Robotics.png
Sciences will be conducting 2012 summer computer camps. This is one of three week-long, 40-hour summer camps.

Scope:  Intensive training and hands-on learning opportunities constructing and programming Lego NXT robots; building and programming robots for tasks, using RoboLab, a graphical programming environment.

Target:  Grades 9-12

Participants:  Limited seating

Duration:  One Week, June 4-8

Cost:  Free

Stipend:  $50


Absolute Deadline:  Call


Summer Enrichment Conference on Assessment

Contact:   Dr. Vann Newkirk, Office of Graduate Studies, Alabama A&M University, (256) 372-5266,

Focus:  The conference is designed to introduce participants to innovations in assessment and compliance that they can use. It also places a special focus on
identifying pitfalls in preparing small liberal arts colleges and Historically Black Colleges (HBCUs) for SACS reaffirmation.
This year’s theme, Institutional Effectiveness and SACS Compliance, brings together leaders from across the country in the areas of assessment, accreditation, governance and compliance. It also acts as a forum for the exchange of innovative assessment ideas and procedures.

Duration:  June 10-12, 2012

Presenters:  Dr. Donald Crump, former associate director for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and Dr. Ian Newbould, President of Richland College, United Kingdom.

Registration:  Visit or call (256) 372-5675.



Upward Bound

Contact:  Pamela H. Thompson, M.S., director, TRiO-Special Programs, Upward Bound & Student Support Services, (256) 372-4702,

Focus:  Federally funded program designed to assist first-generation, low-income high school students, who have an academic need and a desire to go to college.  Upward TRiO.pngBound services include academic instruction, tutoring, and cultural activities.  Upward Bound has both an academic and residential component. 

Duration:  Six weeks residential component and 14 weeks academic component.  Saturdays 8 a.m.-1 p.m.

Participants:  104 high school students, rising 9-12th grade.

Absolute Deadline:   None. Applications accepted year-round.


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