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A&M Launches Cultural Studies Degree Program

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The first phase of a new degree program at Alabama A&M University this fall is designed to give students the tools needed to fill positions sought by business and federal sectors.  


Initially, the new Bachelor of Arts degree program in cultural studies will focus entirely on its Middle East concentration.  The concentration will delve into an understanding of the culture and literature of the region against the background of MiddleEast.jpg

historical and social change. Students will take four semesters of Farsi language common in Iran and other surrounding countries.   They will also complete courses in literature, media, politics and geography of the Middle East.  


But as the cultural studies program develops within the upcoming semesters, it is expected to expand to include concentrations in African American culture and literature, as well as Latin American culture and literature, says Dr. Jonaid Sharif, Chair of AAMU’s Department of English and Foreign Languages.


Sharif2.jpg“This program offers students flexibility, some freedom of choice and a unique opportunity to complete their courses of study on time,” adds Dr. Sharif.  “The cultural studies program is not only about academics, but it will provide internships, film viewings, open houses and even immersion in the respective communities of a particular concentration.”   


The overall degree program requires 50 credits of general education courses, 24 credits of cultural studies major course work, 27 credit hours of concentration courses, and 24 credit hours of electives.


Among the major requirements are such classes as Film and Culture (HUM 301), Cultural Anthropology (SOC 334), International Business (MGT 458), African American Literature (ENG 404), Post-Colonial Theory and Literature (ENG 420), and other courses.


The Middle Eastern concentration, in particular, will provide students the course work important to such entities as the U.S. State Department, Defense-related agencies and businesses requiring some Middle East knowledge and/or experience.


For additional information, contact Dr, Jonaid Sharif at (256) 372-8303 or e-mail


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