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AAMU Takes Part in "Alabama Gives" Effort

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February 2 is Alabama Gives Day - one extraordinary day to support the organizations that make Alabama special.  More than 850 Alabama nonprofits, including the Alabama A&M University, will participate in this important day. Your support can make a real impact in this historic 24 hour event in our state!


This opportunity could not come at a better time for the Alabama A&M.  Our students' needs are increasing, and the amount of funding available to them via Pell grants and other funding is decreasing.  The demand for students with bachelor degrees is growing, and, as much as our outreach has grown in recent years, we continue to hear from students every single day that the cost of a college education is daunting. 


Your support is critical to the success of this day, and we thank you in advance for all that you are doing to support us. Please, ask your family and friends to support Scholarships for AAMU students and make a donation to Alabama A&M on February 2.  Every dollar makes a difference.  Visit the link above for more information, or contact us at us at 256-372-8344 or




Andrew Hugine, Jr., PhD




One Day. One massive opportunity to support local nonprofits and Alabama A&M University.

On February 2, 2012, the Alabama Association of Nonprofits, in partnership with the Alabama Broadcasters Association and the Razoo Foundation, is doing something in Alabama that’s never been done. We’re taking one day to harness the power of individual AAMUlogoPMS202B.pngcontributions statewide, connecting new and existing donors with thousands of Alabama nonprofits.

“The Alabama Broadcasters Association is excited to participate in what will be a historic event for philanthropy in our state and possibly across the nation. The concept of Alabama Gives Day is heartwarming for all who will be part of the event. Alabama radio and TV stations will endeavor to raise record amounts in gifts for charities across the state in a 24 hour period,” said Sharon Tinsley, President of the Alabama Broadcasters Association.

When presented with a new way to give online, community members have overwhelmingly shown their support through donations. In 2011, Colorado Gives Day raised $12 million for participating nonprofits, far surpassing the $8.4 million raised in 2010. In 2011, Minnesota’s Give to the Max raised a whopping $13.4 million for Minnesota nonprofits from over 47,000 donors in just 24 hours. While the immediate benefit is huge, the ripple effects of giving spurred other philanthropic endeavors in Minnesota and Colorado generating even more donations months later.

The excitement and anticipation leading up to this one-day event energizes a new donor base of individual donors. During Colorado’s Give Day, 98% of nonprofits AGDLogo.jpg
featured on received a donation, and 83% of those participating nonprofits acquired new donors. A positive lesson that charities have learned from their participation in giving days, say organizers, is that the events have strong appeal to young donors. Norman Rice, president and CEO of the Seattle Foundation, host of Give Big Seattle, describes their event as, “the democratization of philanthropy, in which everyone can make a difference in the world around them.”

This historic event in Alabama, backed by the marketing power of Alabama radio and television stations, will further help charitable organizations continue to provide a broad spectrum of aid across the state of Alabama.

“We’re proud to launch Alabama Gives Day in support of an incredible sector that makes our state a better place to live. This event has the potential to dramatically increase the number of individual donors contributing to charities in our state as we’ve seen similar campaigns in Colorado and Minnesota successfully do,” said Russell A. Jackson, Alabama Gives Day Manager for the Alabama Association of Nonprofits. “Connecting individual donors to nonprofits, while also promoting the safety and ease of online giving, is critical to helping our nonprofits be even more sustainable without being so dependent on foundation and corporate grants to keep their lights on.”

Eligibility requirements for nonprofits to participate in the event are below.

Alabama Gives Day Facts


Why Alabama Gives Day?

The time has come to increase the awareness of a sector that helps make our state such a desirable place to live while connecting new donors to nonprofits throughout Alabama. Results from other Gives Days held in the U.S. have proven successful in connecting new individual donors to nonprofits with a large percentage of the contributions made during the event being from first time donors to the nonprofits they designated.

· Increase public awareness of Alabama’s amazing nonprofit sector.

· Promote the ease and safety of online giving.

· Connect new individual donors to participating nonprofits while giving current donors an opportunity to give again.

· Provide nonprofits with a complimentary online giving platform they can use year-round outside of Gives Day.

· Raise as much money as possible in 24 hours from individuals.

· Fulfills the mission of the Alabama Association of Nonprofits to support and strengthen Alabama’s nonprofit sector.


When is Alabama Gives Day?

Alabama Gives Day will take place during a 24-hour period starting at 12 a.m. on February 2nd, 2012. Donations will be accepted online via a centralized and secure site at ALL gifts made during the event are donor determined, meaning the donor selects who they are giving to from the list of participating organizations. At the conclusion of the event the website will launch as a new tool provided by the Alabama Association of Nonprofits for nonprofits to use as their online giving portal allowing them to save hundreds of dollars each year in monthly hosting fees ordinarily charged by PayPal, and other merchant credit card processing vendors.