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Orientation: Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs Will Help You SOAR!


What is S.O.A.R.? an acronym for Student Orientation And Registration. Orientation is a 2-day, one night program designed to introduce new students to the AAMU family and all the resources available to help you be successful.


What are the dates of the BULLDOG S.O.A.R. sessions?

Monday and Tuesday           SESSION 1:              June 16th & June 17th

Monday and Tuesday           SESSION 2             June 23rd & June 24th

Monday and Tuesday           SESSION 3:              July 7th & July 8th
Monday and Tuesday           SESSION 4:              July 21st & July 22nd

Monday and Tuesday           SESSION 5:              July 28th & July 29th


When will registration officially open?

Registration for S.O.A.R. opens February 19, 2014.


Who can register for S.O.A.R.?

 New students who have been accepted can register for S.O.A.R.


What are the benefits to attending S.O.A.R.?

First, S.O.A.R. is mandatory for all new students, which includes first-year undergraduates, transfer students with fewer than 30 semester credit hours and re-admitted students under special circumstances. Some of the benefits include, priority registration for the fall semester and a comprehensive view of student life, academic life and a special view of the City of Huntsville, Alabama.


What should I bring to S.O.A.R.?

We suggest you bring the following items to orientation: alarm clock, watch, comfortable walking shoes, casual clothes, sweater or light jacket, umbrella, personal toiletries, notebook, pen and pencil. You must also bring twin size bed linens. Don't forget your pillow!

We strongly discourage bringing valuable electronics.  Your time with us is

tightly planned and having to account for such items might prove to be intrusive.


Who will serve as my point-of-contact for various things during S.O.A.R.?  You will be assigned a Student Orientation Leader, better known as a S.O.L. on campus. Your S.O.L. will do everything possible to make your orientation productive and enjoyable.  Your S.O.L. will contact you by email two weeks prior to your session.


 Where will I check-in and stay during S.O.A.R.?
You will stay in West Residential Complex. Check-in guidelines will be provided via email once you are confirmed to attend S.O.A.R.


Are meals provided during S.O.A.R.?
Yes, a continental breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided on day 1 and breakfast on day 2. 


Where will my parents or guardians stay during S.O.A.R.?

The university does not provide housing for parents and guardians attending  Parent Orientation Sessions. However, parents and guardians most usually find lodging at a nearby hotel.  Click Here for a list of hotels near our campus.


Will I have one-on-one time with my academic advisor? 

Yes, you will meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss test scores, major curriculum and course selections. If you have additional questions regarding your Academic Advisement, you may contact the Academic Advising Center at 256.372.5649.  However, email is the most efficient means to communicate with the Academic Advising Center.  Please Click Here to contact your Academic Advisor.


Is there a cost to attend S.O.A.R.?

Yes, $117.00.  However, the $117.00 fee covers two very important things. 

  1. Enrollment Fee, which is a formal notification that you will be attending AAMU. 

  2. S.O.A.R. on-campus housing fee for your overnight stay.


How will I know that my registration form has been received and I am confirmed to attend the session I requested?

You will receive an immediate response from our system upon submitting your application.  You will then receive a confirmation email once payment of your Enrollment & S.O.A.R. Housing fees have been verified.


What other forms will I need to complete before I arrive for my session?

You will need to complete the AAMU Waiver of Liability the AAMU FERPA forms. You may submit them using your electronic signature.


You may Click Here to pay your fee online. You may also mail the fee to the AAMU Office of Admissions, S.O.A.R., P.O. Box 908, Normal, AL 35762.  Be sure to include your name, Banner ID and completed Enrollment Form when paying by mail. Note: The enrollment fee cannot be covered by scholarships or financial aid.