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Action Research Paper Requirements

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All students seeking Ed.S. Degrees must complete an Action Research Paper. Action Research projects are designed to solve practical problems through the application of the scientific method. Most projects are concerned with a local problem and are conducted in a local setting. Action research problems may employ either a quantitative or qualitative methodology. In the completion of the Action Research Project students must adhere to the following:


1.    Enroll in the courses FED 696 and FED 697 (courses must be taken in sequence).

2.    Prepare an Action Research paper proposal in conjunction with the instructor of FED 696. Each proposal must:

       a.    Briefly, state the rationale for the study.

       b.    Describe the population from which the study will target. How many subjects will be used and how will they be selected (If consent will have to be given by proxy, be sure to include a statement of why this particular project is merited with this population).

       c.    Describe in non-technical terms the experimental research procedures to which subjects will be exposed. Include sufficient detail so that the instructor of FED 696 can independently evaluate the risks to subjects. If questionnaires will be used, include copies of these items with your proposal.

       d.    Describe the procedures you will use to ensure that information gleaned from participants will remain confidential or give reasons why this cannot be done. In cases involving sensitive or potentially harmful information, where subject identities are to be retained please describe your security procedures.

3.    Once the project has been approved byte instructor of FED 696 student continue to development of the Action Research proposal in FED 697.

4.    After the final paper has been approved by the instructor of FED 697 the student must submit a copy of the paper electronically to the Office of Graduate Studies. All papers submitted to the Graduate School must meet the deadline outlined in the University Academic Calendar for the semester in which the student seeks to complete the degree program.


Students should email their document, using their bulldog email account, to