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Physical Facilities

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The Physical Facilities Plant provides services for the maintenance and operations of facilities, grounds, utilities, minor renovations​ and other related functions that support the instructional, research, and public services of Alabama A&M University.


It is th​e responsibility of the Department of Physical Facilities to provide:


  • Interior repairs, exterior repairs and upgrade alterations to all campus facilities.

  • Custodial services such as waxing floors, cleaning floors, windows, chalkboards, trash cans in administrative, academic building and dormitories.

  • Interior and exterior paint of academic, administrative and dormitory buildings.

  • Maintenance of building utilities such as heating, plumbing, air conditioning and electrical.

  • Maintenance of all door locks and the distribution of all keys.

  • Maintenance and services for all University vehicles, lawn mowers, tractors, and gardening equipment.

  • Building and paving parking lots.

  • Parking lot landscaping.

  • Cleaning land of debris.

  • Putting out salt and/or sand for ice on roads, steps, sidewalks, and ramps.

  • Assisting with storm damage, removing fallen trees and debris.

  • Repairing underground broken water lines.

  • Some special welding/metal working projects.

  • Handling some refuse dumpsters (large jobs are handled by an outside contractor

  • Electric outside lights & building lights.

  • Schedule vehicles for intrastate and interstate travel. When necessary gas cards will be issued for fuel (to be billed to the responsible department). 


                                        FACILITIES MANAGEMENT
Hours of Operations
Monday - Friday 


​                  Projects: 
                  LEGACY LAKE
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 Contact Information

Mr. Walter Alexander

Director of 

Administrative Services

Campus Location

University Services

453 Buchanan Way

Normal, AL 35762


Mailing Address 

P.O. Box 1837

Normal, AL 35762