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Business & Finance

Photo of Clayton Gibson, VP of Business and FinanceWelcome! The Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration provides decisive and effective leadership to a variety of administrative and support services within its division at Alabama A&M University to support the university mission and the President's Goals and Objectives.  


The Senior Vice President is responsible for the stewardship and enhancement of the University's financial and physical resources through effective fiscal business practices.  Units reporting to the Senior Vice President include:  The Office of the Comptroller, Budgeting and Planning, Procurement, The Bulldog Transit System and Property Management. 


The following divisions report to the Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Adminstration:



Contact Number

Budget Office  

Manages university budgets through monitoring and approvals.


Bulldog Transit System

​Provides transportation for students, faculty, and staff.



Provides financial support for students, faculty, and staff.



​Maintains AAMU grounds and facilities.


Human Resources

​Manages resources related to the AAMU workforce.


Property Management

Provides inventory management services to AAMU campus.


Office of Purchasing

Manages all purchases & purchase services for AAMU campus.



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Contact Information

Mr. Clayton Gibson, CPA

Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

Nakesha Burks

Executive Assistant

Campus Location

Patton Hall, Room 200

Phone: (256) 372-5221

Fax: (256) 372-5206

Mailing Address

Alabama A&M University

4900 Meridan Street

Patton Hall Room 200

Normal, AL  35762