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Current Bids


 Bid Number         Due Date          Time of Opening    Name          
IFB 2k16-16B Quick Bid   September 30, 2016       2 p.m. 
TWO(2) RV Motor Homes - Foresty Dept.
IFB 2k16-15B   September 27, 2016       2 p.m. 
Heavy Duty Transit Bus
2k16-14B   August 2nd, 2016(Rebid) AAMU Passenger Van Purchase
 2k16-14B Awarded- Woody Anderson Ford
2k16-13B  July 21st, 2016   MMW Band Instruments (2)
 2k16-13B - Awarded- Washington Music
 2k16-11B (Rebid)  July 26th, 2016 AAMU Coach Bus Purchase
 2k16-11B Awarded - CH Bus Sales
2k16-12B July 7th Metal Detector Equipment
2k16012B Awarded- Shelsky Metal Detectors
2K16-06B July 7th , 2016  MMW BAND BUS TRAVEL
 2k16-6B Awarded - Kingsmen Bus Charter
 2K16-07B   June 21, 2016    AAMU FOOTBALL BUS TRAVEL
 2k16-07B Awarded - Spirit Coach
 2K16-08B  June 21, 2016  FOOTBALL AIR TRAVEL
2k16-08B Awarded - Air Charter, Inc
2K16-09B   JUNE 20, 2016 MM& W BAND INSTRUMENTS    
2k16-09B Awarded - Gadsden Music
2k16-10B    JUNE 23, 2016 AAMU PINE TREE PRUNE
2k16-09B - Not Awarded
2k16-11B     JUNE 29, 2016  BTS BUS PURCHASES -
 2k16-11B - Rebid
Please contact the Purchasing Department for Bid paperwork
Ph: 256-372-5227