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Self Service Banner FAQ

Q2.1  How do I open and exit Banner Self Service?
A2.1  Use your AAMU user ID and password to login into Banner Self Service

    To Enter Banner Self-Service, for now visit the myAAMU page or click the link "Access to Banner" on the left to enter.

    To Exit: ALWAYS use the Logout icon to exit Banner Self Service. Closing the window does not close your session. You may receive error messages if you try to log on again. More important, your information is still accessible if you do not properly log out.

Q2.2  What do I do if I can't remember by Banner Self-Service (Banner SSB) password?
A2.2  You can retrieve your Banner SSB ID and PIN here. That link is also on the myAAMU page under Banner.

Q2.3  I tried to retrieve my Banner SSB ID and PIN from the Get My PIN and ID link, and it did not work.  What do I do?
A2.3 Students: follow the directions given on the screen. It will tell you what office to visit to resolve the problem.

Employees: if you entered all information correctly and still cannot retrieve your Banner SSB ID and PIN, please call the ITS Helpdesk at Ext. 4357.

Q2.4  Can I change my SSB PIN
A2.4 Yes, you can change your PIN as long as you know your current PIN. After you login to Banner SSB, go to Personal Information and click Change PIN.

Q2.5  Are there any restrictions on what I can use for my SSB PIN?
A2.5  The SSB PIN must be at least 6 characters. (Formerly it could be only numbers, which is why it is called a "PIN", but letters are also now allowed).

Q2.6   If I try to log into SSB numerous times without success, will my account get locked?
A2.6  Yes. After 3 unsuccessful attempts to log into SSB, your account will be locked and you will need to contact the Help Center for assistance.

Q2.7  Why did my Banner Self Service session timeout?
A2.7  If there is no activity for 30 minutes, your Banner Self Service session will timeout. This is for security reasons.

Q2.8  How do I view Pay Stubs?
A2.8  After you login to Banner Self-Service, select Pay Information to view pay stubs by year. Select the year and the pay stub to view. Direct Deposit and Earnings and Deductions History are available here.