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Smart Classrooms


IT Services has launched an initiative to establish smart classrooms throughout the campus. These smart classrooms bring together tools to enhance the classroom environment.


Each of the multimedia smart classrooms have been equipped with a new projector mounted in the ceiling, a projector screen, and crestron control enabled lecterns with confidence monitors. Each lectern houses a computer workstation and has av inputs that can facilitate the use of a laptop, dvd/vcr, document camera or other media with RCA component connections.


photo 1.JPG

Please refer to the Crestron Control Unit Instructions here for an explanation of how to control the various components and features available in the classroom. The Crestron Control Unit is also shown below.


Creston Control Unit.jpg

Check out the Epson Brightlink Pro!


There are numerous rooms throughout the campus which have Epson Brightlink Pro interactive projectors installed.  These projectors offer versatility along with flexibility since you can extend it's usage beyond basic projector functions.


Use it as a digital whiteboard — Why use a flip chart or traditional whiteboard in your next class meeting? Now you can easily utilize digital tools. Use any wall as an interactive surface to insert images or templates, add new pages to your notes or presentation, and more.

Present, annotate and edit — Display an existing presentation, annotate on content and make any edits — all with a host of innovative, user-friendly tools. Then save, print or email your notes and content, eliminating the need for time-consuming, post-meeting summary statements.


Go PC-free- Annotate without any device at all by using the built-in, PC-free tools.



Tutorials and more information can be found below:



Easy interactive tools--


Video library for the pro1410wi projector--


How to for easy interactive tools -- 















​ITS Smart Classrooms


 Rm. 120

 Rm. 121

 Computer Lab #1

 Rm. 129-Multipurpose Room



 Rm.  3

 Rm.  4

 Rm.  6

 Lecture Room/Auditorium


Bibb Graves

 Rm.  303

 Rm.  202


TGP/New Classroom Building

 Rm. 3

 Rm. 4

 Rm. 106

 Rm. 102



 Rm.  202

 Rm.  200


Carter Hall

 Rm.  217

 Rm.  204

 Rm.  417



 Rm.  130

 Rm.  231


New School of Business

 Rm.  108

 Rm.  210

 Rm.  305

 Rm.  310

 Rm.  106 (projector added)

 Rm.  208 (projector added)

 Rm.  117- auditorium


Health and Wellness Center

 Rm.  115

Carver Complex North

 Rm. 109

 Rm. 103

 Rm.  212

 Rm.  220