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Student Email FAQs

1. How do I obtain an AAMU student email account?

You can activate your AAMU student email account, also known as your Bulldogs account, here. If attempting to activate your account generates an error, the most likely cause is that it is already activated. If you need to, you can change your email password here.

2. Can't I just use my existing personal email for all University correspondence?

We encourage all students to activate their Bulldog accounts. In addition to email, it will enable access to Google Apps for Education (including tools like Google Docs), give you access to log into computer labs on campus, and will be the only email address to which official University emails will be sent, including from your professors.

3. I don't like my username, e.g. since it cuts my last name off. Can I have it changed?

At this time we are not able to change usernames. They are assigned automatically by the system, based on your name at the time of admission.

4. Can I change my password?

Yes, you can change your email password here.