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Banner FAQs

Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Banner including passwords, access, and reporting.



General Questions

Q1.1 What does Banner stand for?

A1.1 Banner is SunGard Higher Education product name given to this set of software. It is not an acronym.


Q1.2 How long will we be using this system? Will we be expected to move to another software package in the near future?

A1.2 Technology has a limited life expectancy due to the rapid changes and advancements the industry experiences. We expect SunGard to continue to provide new functionality and improve the Banner system for years to come which we will take advantage of by implementing their upgrades and modifications.


Q1.3 Are Social Security Numbers (SSNs) viewable in Banner?

A1.3 Yes, by select employees only. SSNs are stored in Banner but only for legal usage such as payroll, etc. and this data will be stored in a different table viewable only by a few staff with the appropriate security clearance. We have transitioned to using the new AAMU ID (or "A-number") assigned within Banner and away from SSNs for most purposes.


Q1.4 Will I be able to generate reports myself?

A1.4 Yes. Banner allows the end-user to generate several reports, see the Banner Manual for more details.  ITS is gearing up to help the Business Units generate more complex reports.


Q1.5 What version of Banner are we running?

A1.5  AAMU is currently running on Banner Version 8.