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Faculty Tutorials Blackboard 9.1 

Global Navigation & My Blackboard 

global navigation and my blackboard

Learning goals:
1. Access global navigation
2. Navigate the user menu
3. Navigate My Blackboard
Level: Basic | Time: 3m 40sec

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Center for Instructional Technology


Featured content

  • My Blackboard Profile

    Learning goals:

    1. Edit your profile

    2. Share your profile

    3. View other profiles

    Level: Basic | Time: 2m 46sec

  • Video Everywhere

    Learning goals:

    1. Record video everywhere from the content editor

    2. Setting up your account to record video

Working in the course environment

  • The New Theme

    Learning goals:

    1. View streamlined interface

    2. See new tool available in theme

    3. Recognize familiar functions

    Level: Basic | Time: 2m 50sec

  • Course to Course Navigation

    Learning goals:

    1. Navigate between courses

    2. Understand task-based navigation

    Level: Basic | Time: 1min 32sec 

Building course content

Reporting and course utilities

blogs and journals

Grade center

Test, surveys and pools