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Blackboard Learn FAQs


Faculty/Staff :


1. How do I log in to Blackboard?

Go to Log in to Blackboard using your Banner UserID (username) and pin number(password). THIS IS THE DEFAULT LOG IN


2. Can I add another student email address in Blackboard?

The student email address is the only email address used in Blackboard.  


3. How do I add content to Blackboard 9?

Click the icon in the upper right to turn 'edit mode' from off to on. Then you can add or edit content by accessing the content link to the left and choosing the build content feature or assessment feature.  More information, help, and how tos can be accessed via the tools link in the content area of all blackboard courses. 


4. Where is 'Course Documents'?

In Blackboard Learn, Course Documents has been replaced with 'Content', an effort to reflect the varied nature of the files and content you post there.  You make access and use the "traditional" Blackboard menu style in your course by clicking on the teaching style option under the customization link on the control panel.  The Teaching Style page will dispaly a large number of predefined course style navigation options that includes the more traditional style previously used by Blackboard.


5. Where is the digital dropbox?

In Blackboard Learn, the digital dropbox has been removed in favor of 'Assignments'. If an instructor creates an electronic assignment in Blackboard, the student can submit their work through the assignment window.  In order to create this assignment area, instructor must first use the assessment option and choose assignments in the drop down box.  Building assignments here will create a column in the gradebook where the submitted work can be viewed and also gives the students a button they can use to submit their work.



6. Whom can I contact to arrange additional training?

You may wish to see the handouts and video tutorials posted on the Blackboard Learn page. Or you can contact Connie Mack, if you have additional questions or would like to set up a training session.