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iPhone, iPAD, or iPOD Touch Set-up for Email

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  1. Please be very careful with your typing. A single typo will cause your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to not connect to AAMU email.


  2. First, make sure you have an active network connection by browsing with Safari. If Safari can browse web pages, you have a network connection and you may continue.


  3. Locate your Settings icon (usually on the home screen by default) and tap it.


  4. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars


  5. Tap Add Account...


  6. Tap Microsoft Exchange


    Note: The iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch OS will only support one account using Microsoft Exchange.


  7. Enter your e-mail address as


  8. For domain, enter


  9. For username, enter your username (example: john.doe)


  10. For password, enter your password


  11. For description: If you want, you may shorten the description to "AAMU Email" or "Exchange" instead of your full AAMU email address.


  12. Tap Next. iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will attempt to verify Exchange account information.


  13. If you see the "Unable to verify certificate" notice, tap Continue.


  14. Wait for further verification. The setup screen returns with a new item, Server. If the Server field is blank, enter


  15. Tap Next.


  16. If you see verification failed, you may have a typo. Please cancel and try re-entering your information. Also, note that the AAMU exchange system will allow three login attempts. After three unsuccessful attempts, your account is locked out from access for 15 minutes.


    Otherwise, wait to see "Exchange account verified." You will be prompted to select info to synchronize using Exchange. If you just want Mail, leave Mail as ON and turn Contacts OFF and Calendars OFF.


  17. Tap Save.


  18. Press the home button on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.


  19. Tap the Mail icon to check your Inbox. Try sending an email to yourself to test mail sending.


  20. You're done!​

For assistance, contact the ITS Service Desk at 256-372-4367 or email: