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Degree Works

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What is Degree Works?

  • A web based tool to help students and advisors monitor student's progress toward degree completion.

  • Looks at the requirements for a program of study as well as the coursework completed to create an easy-to-read degree audit.

degree audit is an easy-to-read view of a student's requirements for their program of study.  The audit in conjunction with AAMU's catalog is a checklist of requirements for a degree at Alabama A&M University.

How will this truly help me?

  • Review your Academic Requirements in Real Time

  • Track your Degree Progress by identifying courses needed

  • View your grades, GPA, Transfer Credits & Registration History

  • Create Interactive What-If Audits if you're considering a Major/Minor/Concentration change

  • And much, much more...

How to Access Degree Works

For Students:

  • Login to Self-Service Banner
  • Click on the Student Tab
  • Click on "Degree Works"
  • Click on the Degree Works Tab

For Faculty/Staff:
  • Login to Self-Service Banner
  • Click on Faculty and Advisors
  • Click on "Student Information Menu"
  • Click on "Degree Works"
  • Click the Submit Tab
  • Enter the "Student or Advisee" Banner ID Number or you may use the "Student and Advisee Query"