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Visiting Student Program

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A cooperative arrangement exists with the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Athens State University, Oakwood College and Alabama A&M University, whereby a student at any of the participating institutions may request permission to attend a class at one of the other schools. Conditions governing the granting of permission include the following:


  1. The student must be enrolled full-time; 12 hours for the Spring or Fall Semesters; 6 hours for the Summer session.

  2. His/her total load must not exceed the established maximum number of hours established at the home school.

  3. Fees for this course will follow the guidelines for courses taken here on campus. This is not a free course; you will be billed for this course through AAMU.

  4. Students are limited to one (1) class per semester or term at the visiting institution with the exception of Undergraduate Art students and Graduate Biology students.

  5. The student must have an overall average of “C” or better.

  6. The course must not be available at the student’s home institution at the desired time.

  7. His/her advisor and other appropriate personnel must approve the student’s request.

  8. Permission to take the course will be dependent upon availability of space for the visitor after the schools own students are accommodated.

  9. Forms should be returned to the Registrar’s Office prior to the first day of registration at the attending institution.

  10. AAMU policies and regulations regarding course substitutions and transfer credits will be applied.

  11. Visiting grades are calculated in with the AAMU grade point average.


In order to participate in this program, students must complete the Inter-Campus Visiting Student Form, which may be secured from the Office of the Registrar.