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Withdrawal From the University

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When a student finds it necessary to discontinue his/her enrollment at any time other than at the end of a semester or summer term, he/she must complete a withdrawal form obtained from the Office of the Registrar. The student must clear all AAMU accounts as listed on the form and return the form by the deadline date indicated on the University Calendar for the semester in which they are withdrawing. The student will receive a grade of “W” in all courses and a refund, if applicable, based on the University Refund Calculation Schedule as indicated on the current semester fee sheet. When a student leaves AAMU at any time during the semester or a summer session without filing a Withdrawal Form and without clearing all University accounts, the student may receive a grade of “F” in all courses. Further, he/she will forfeit all rights to a statement of honorable dismissal, thereby jeopardizing re-entry into AAMU or transfer to another accredited institution.



Procedures for Withdrawing from the University

Step 1: Secure and complete the Withdrawal Clearance Form. Forms are available in the Office of the Registrar, Room 204 Patton Hall.

Step 2: Complete exit interview with the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Step 3: Secure signatures from Special Student Services, the Financial Aid Office and the Cashiers Office.

Step 4: File completed Withdrawal Clearance form with the Office of the Registrar.