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Activity #2 - Developing the Freshman Academy

:  The Freshman Academy will assist students in getting up to speed academically and to better acclimate to the university environment. The goals of this Academy are to increase the academic performance, retention and persistence of students who enter the university as first-time freshmen. To actualize the goals identified above, entering freshmen will be divided into cohorts (100 or fewer students) and each cohort will be assigned a specific advisor. It will be the responsibility of this advisor to:


a.       serve as the initial academic advisor of each member of the cohort

b.      serve as mentor for his/her cohort

c.       serve as orientation instructor for his/her cohort

d.      make twice weekly contact with each member of his/her cohort to discuss academic and social issues and to refer students to needed campus resources. The advisor will also follow-up to ensure that the students has made contact with the resource identified.

e.       ensure that all cohort members are attending tutorial/supplemental instruction sessions for all classes

f.       routinely check cohort member grades on assignments, tests and examinations

g.      encourage cohort members to work together on assignments in classes that they have together.

Implementation of this initiative should begin to enhance the academic performance and retention of first-time freshmen who enter the university in the future. This will also assist the university in​ significantly increasing the overall persistence and graduation rates of its students.

Activity Director: Dr. Pamela Arrington
Email Address:
Telephone Number: 256-372-8231