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Activity #6 - Strengthening Computer Science Graduate Program

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   Abstract:  The dynamic changes in the AAMU graduate computer science program over the last five years have been substantial. The CS program has adopted new courses in bio-informatics (grad) and computer forensics (undergrad). The use of multi-core machines and parallel technology in the CS research and teaching laboratories has provided new and exciting skills for the graduate students.


The technology fields in computing have a wide variety of hardware requirements, from server based web systems, to large scale parallel computing systems, to myriad of wireless handheld devices, and the emerging three dimensional immersive visualization systems.  While the CS program is building individuals with systems and programming skills, we lack the equipment to expose students to these new disruptive hardware technologies.  The next five years will bring an enormous amount of change to the computer development market and we are challenged to keep up with the state-of-art and assume a leadership position.


Activity Director: Dr. Joel Fu
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Telephone Number: 256-372-5657

Jian Fu