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Required Documentation for Travel Reimbursement

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To expedite the process of travel reimbursement through Title III Strengthening Grants, the following documents are required.  Please use this sheet as a checklist before submitting documents to the Title III Office.  Incomplete travel documents will be returned.


  1. Requisition Form (found on the Purchasing Website). Requisition Description should state:
    • “Requesting reimbursement for (name of traveler) for travel expenses incurred while attending (name of conference) in (city, state) on (dates of travel)”.
    • Only the total amount should be listed on the requisition, do not itemize expenses on this form.
    • The traveler’s banner number (A--------) will be the “vendor #” and the traveler’s address will go in the “Suggested Vendor” box.  Traveler needs to sign this form.
    • Get supervisor's signature on "Approved By:" line.

  2. Travel Expense Form. The traveler will itemize the expenses on this form. The traveler’s supervisor, chair or dean’s signature is required on this document. (Upper right corner). Only one signature is needed. Use either the In-State Travel Form or the Out-of-State Travel Form (found on Accounts Payable website.) Please sign this form. It is not necessary to have it notarized.

  3. Report on Professional Development Activities. Describe the benefits attained from attendance at the conference/workshop/class and how this will be used on campus. Please sign the report.

  4. Original receipts. The University requires original receipts for all expenses. Receipts should:
    • Be itemized
    • Show a zero balance
    • Show form of payment (Visa, MasterCard, etc.)
    • Be grouped by day and taped to a sheet of paper
          • Note: traveler must adhere to the Alabama Department of Finance Comptroller’s Office, Meals and Incidental Expenses rate for the traveled location

  5. Meal receipts. Meal receipts must be itemized. If the traveler has a meal receipt that is not itemized or is illegible, a Missing Meal Receipt form must be completed with the un-itemized/illegible receipt attached. Please sign.

  6. Copy of Title III approval. The traveler should attach a copy of the approved Request for Professional Development Assistance (with signatures), that was emailed to you, along with Copy of the approved AAMU Travel Authorization Request.

  7. Agenda. Submit a copy of the conference/workshop/class agenda.


Note: Title III Strengthening Grants follows the same reimbursement guidelines as Alabama A&M University.