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Guidelines for Issuing Official Class Excuses

All students, both male and female should come to Room 106 Carver Complex South for official class excuses.


All official classes excuses issued to students will be in accordance with the established University Policy. 


All students requesting official class excuses should make the request and submit the class excuse to instructors within seven (7) days after the missed class or classes. 


Excused absences can be obtained upon presenting documentation to Veterans Affairs & Disability Services for the following reasons indicated below:


A. Personal Illness or Illness of a Family Member

Documentation bearing the signature of Doctors, Dormitory Counselors, Infirmary and/or Hospital Officials, Athletic Trainers, etc. shall constitute proof.


B. Death in the Family

Funeral programs and statements from Funeral Directors shall constitute proof.


C. Subpoena for Court Appearance

The student’s copy of the documentation shall constitute proof.


D. Emergencies or Circumstances over which the Student has no Immediate Control

Appropriate corroboration, documentation and/or explanation shall constitute proof.


E. Trips by members of student organizations sponsored by Academic units, trips for University classes, trips for participation at/in intercollegiate athletic events 

Authorized excuses, dispatched from the appropriate offices, teachers, coaches or sponsors over signature of the Department Chairperson and Dean or Director, shall constitute proof.


Unresolved problems regarding attendance and/or procedures shall be appealed through appropriate University grievance channels


Generally, excuses will not be issued for car trouble (i.e. flat tires, stalling, etc.), arrests, or before/after a holiday.