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Department of Accounting and Finance


Robbani, Mohammad 


Office: Room 215-A, 

Phone: (256) 372-5095


Degrees Earned

Ph.D., Florida International University

M.B.A., University of Massachusetts-Amherst

M.Com., Dhaka University-Bangladesh

B.Com., Dhaka University-Bangladesh



Research Interests

Stock market behavior in U.S. and international market, inter-relationship between the stock market and derivative markets.



​​Abdullah, Shahnaz 

Assistant Professor

OfficeRoom 214-B  

Phone(256) 372-7142

Degrees Earned

Ph.D., University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

M.B.A., University of Massachusetts Boston

M.S., University of Dhaka, Bangladesh 

B.S., University of Dhaka, Bangladesh 






Research Interests

Game theory, Child Marriage, Microfinance, Women empowerment, Efficient Market Hypotheses, Executive compensation, Fortune 500 companies 

Curriculum Vita​e​​​


Elike, Uchenna






OfficeRoom 214-D 

Phone:(256) 372-8487


Degrees Earned

Ph.D., The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa

M.A., The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa

M.A., The University of Alabama at ​Tuscaloosa

Research Interests



Finding innovative ways of teaching economics, international macroeconomics, international financial market, the economics of personality​​

Curriculum Vita​e​​​

Shen, Qian (Ruby)

MBA Program Director

OfficeRoom 301-B

Phone:(256) 372-4885


Degrees Earned

Ph.D.,​Souther Illinois University Carbondale

B.A., Hano ver College



Research Interests

Momentum strategy, international finance, options, and futures market, market efficiency






Jain, Ajeet


OfficeRoom 214-C 

Phone:(256) 372-4787


Degrees Earned

Ph.D., Florida International University

M.B.A., Alabama A&M University

B.S., University of Delhi

Chembezi, Duncan


Office: Dawson Room 316-A

Phone:(256) 372-4970

Email: ducan.cham​

Degrees Earned

PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia​




Curriculum Vita​e​​​

Shahdad, Naghshpour

OfficeRoom 212-A

Phone:(256) 372-5085

Email: shahdad.naghshpour@aam​​

Degrees Earned

​PhD, ​Oklahoma State University




Sarkar, Amin

OfficeRoom 212-B

Phone:(256) 372-4820


Degrees Earned

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

M.A ., University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests


International development and natural resources, environmental economics and policy, sustainable development, exchange rate fluctuations, and regional discrepancies.

Curriculum Vita​e​​​​​

Posey, Roderick B.


OfficeRoom 201-B

Phone:(256) 372-4777


Degrees Earned

Ph.D., Oklahoma State University

M.S., University of Southern Mississippi

B.S.B.A, University of Southern Mississippi

​​Curriculum Vita​e​​​

Banks, Bonnie

Assistant Professor & QEP Director
OfficeRoom 201 

Phone:(256) 372-4783



Degrees Earned

M.B.A., Alabama A&M University

B.S., Alabama A&M University




Curriculum Vita​e​
Sameem, Mohammad​
Assistant Professor

OfficeRoom 213-A

Phone:(256) 372-4792


Degrees Earned

PhD​, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Curriculum Vita​e​
Mahjuja, Taznin
Assistant Professor


Phone:(256) 372-5876


Degrees Earned

PhD, Clemson University, South Carolina

M.S.S.,​University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

B.S.S., University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Curriculum Vita​e
Shen, Yannan
Assistant Professor 

OfficeRoom 204C

Phone:(256) 372-4785

Email:  ann.shen@aamu​.edu

Degrees Earned


Curriculum Vita​e
​Zhang, Xia
Assistant Professor 

OfficeRoom 204B

Phone:(256) 372-4786

Email:  xia.zhang@aamu​.edu

Degrees Earned

Ph.D., Jackson State University
MACC. University of Alabama in Huntsville
M.A. Shandong University
B.A. Shandong Normal University

Curriculum Vita​e​​​​
Karim AKM Waresul​
Assistant Professor

Room 204-A

Phone:(256) 372-

Email:  Akm.karim@aa​

Degrees Earned

PhD, ​ 

Curriculum Vita​e​​
​Jones, Melanie
Senior Secretary  

OfficeRoom 215

Phone:(256) 372-5083

Email:  melanie.jones@aamu.ed​u​