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Courses & Prerequisites

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The MBA Degree


Basic Core (Pre-requisites for non-business undergraduates)


ECO 500  Survey of Economic Analysis

MBA 503  Quantitative Methods for Business

MBA 506  Foundations of Accounting and Finance

MBA 507  Basics of Management and Marketing


Professional Core


ACC 512  Accounting Analysis for Management

ECO 514  Managerial Economics

FIN 511    Financial Management and Policy

MBA 517  Global Issues in Business

MGT 510  Operations Management

MGT 515  Organizational Behavior

MGT 516   Strategic Management

MKT 514   Management of Marketing Activities



Students must complete 6 credit hours of electives for the list of courses below.


ACC 571               Tax Issues in Business

ECO 503               Macroeconomics

FIN 541                 Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management

MGT 564               Human Resources Management

MGT 565               Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management

MGT 580               Emerging Information Technology

MKT 532               Consumer Behavior


Logistics and Supply Chain Management Concentration

Students must choose 9 credit hours from the courses listed below.


LSM 536                 Logistics and Supply Chain Management

LSM 571                 Adaptive Supply Chain Management

LSM 572                 Logistics and Supply Chain Risk Management

LSM 599                 Strategic Supply Chain Planning