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Welcome to the College of Business and Public Affairs


The mission of the College of Business and Public Affairs (CBPA) at Alabama A&M University is to provide quality management education programs to a diverse student population at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The college utilizes effective teaching, advising, applied scholarship, and community involvement to produce graduates who will become leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and productive employees in the private and public sectors.

Consistent with the University’s history and contemporary mission, the college concentrates on instruction while seeking to combine the classic goal of intellectual development with the land-grant tradition of service. Applied and interactive educational experiences are emphasized in both the graduate and undergraduate programs. While the College of Business and Public Affairs and the University are committed to graduate education, the college emphasizes undergraduate education as its primary responsibility. In addition to the coverage of basic business principles, all programs develop students’ computer, communications, interpersonal relations, and leadership skills, thereby, preparing graduates for success in local, state, national, and global business environments. The AAMU College of Business and Public Affairs builds on its historic mission of providing education for African-Americans to an expanded mission of educating a student body that is diverse in terms of ethnicity, national origin, and socio-economic background. 

Opportunities are provided for all students to gain leadership skills through involvement with student organizations and to gain practical experiences through co-ops and internships in cooperation with business, government and non-government organizations. Students are exposed to diversity and international perspectives. Faculty members are highly caring of their students and 85% of the full-time faculty members have doctoral degrees. They are committed to excellence in teaching and are engaged in scholarly activities. They are also active in institutional, professional and community service. 

The College of Business and Public Affairs, established September 1, 1968, will achieve its mission by meeting the following objectives:

•    To promote intellectual development and traditional education of students

•    To guide students’ understanding of the environment in which businesses operate in the U.S. and around the world as well as specific techniques and principles of the primary business disciplines

•    To provide an in-depth study of a specific business discipline that includes how specialists in that field interact with specialists from other disciplines to make decisions

•    To offer students experiences in and out of the classroom that promote professionalism, ethical behavior, and leadership skills

•    To provide the University community an opportunity to study various aspects of the business environment and different business operations 

College Organization

The College of Business and Public Affairs is organized into three (3) departments, each headed by a department chair. The departments are (1) Accounting and Finance; (2) Management, Marketing and Logistics; and (3) Social Sciences. 

The college has three outreach centers: the Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Development (CEIED), the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Support Services and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). The centers provide management counseling and conducts training workshops free of charge. The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) primarily serves the North East Alabama Region.