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New and Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

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The New and Beginning Farmers and Ranchers (NBFR) Program at Alabama A&M University was developed for new and beginning farmers to establish and sustain viable agricultural operations in Alabama through the development and enhancemnet of innovative educational programs, services and social networks.

The Small Farms Research Center conducted its first series of new and beginning short courses throughout the months of October, November and December 2013 with specific focus on Business Planning, Capital & Access to Capital and Land Acquisition and Tenure. The center continued its educational training courses with its New and Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Workshop on November 19-21, 2014. There were training courses offered each day in the following topical areas: Production Practices and Management, Market & Marketing Planning, and Business Development & Financial Management. Please see below the training courses offered through our New and Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Workshop for each topical area.

Business Planning & Financial Development Marketing & Marketing Planning Production Practices & Management
Business Plan Development
​New Cottage Food Law ​How to Get Started: Farmer Perspective
Business Economics and Marketing ​Direct Marketing Alternatives Sustainable Agriculture
Financing Farm: Access to Capital Branding Using Social Media ​Niche Markets
Access to Capital & Other Programs Available Market Marker Water Catchmen Systems
Hydroponic Systems
Soil Management/Nutrition
Crop Rotation as an IPM Tool 
OMRI (Organic) Pesticides & Pesticide
Veggie Garden Organic Production

The Small Farms Research Center continues to recruit, grow and directly assist new and beginning farmers and ranchers (BFRs) in Alabama. The center is bridging the gap for producers that lack access to capital, land, markets and are often uninformed about various aspects of accessing government services.

Learn more about the Farm Incubator Educational Training Program and Web-based Resource Center for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers here.

Previous Educational Events

Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Workshop: Financial Management
April 18, 2013
New and Beginning Farmers Short Courses
Business Plan Development, October 24, 2013
Access to Capital, November 8, 2013
Land Acquisition and Tenure, December 4, 2013

New and Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Workshop
 November 19-21, 2014