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Welcome to the Department of Accounting and Finance

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The analytical and technical knowledge acquired through programs in accounting and finance, prepare students for a varied areas of careers in public, not-for profit, and private organizations. Studies in accounting and finance are particularly relevant for public and private accounting, policy analysis and managerial decisions in business and other organizations. Students who graduate from these programs are also prepared to pursue graduate studies in accounting, finance, economics, business law, public policy, public administration, urban planning and other fields.

Mission Statement/Objectives

The mission of the Department of Accounting and Finance is to support the mission of the College of Business and Public Affairs by offering high quality academic programs. The Department offers programs of instructions for those who expect to pursue careers in accounting and finance working in public, private or non-profit organizations. The Department also offers service courses in economics for business and non-business majors. The Department functions in the land-grant tradition of teaching, research, and service by providing contemporary baccalaureate studies and within the reach of all qualified and capable individuals who are interested in further developing their technical and professional expertise. The department endeavors to provide a cohesive, dynamic, forward looking and market-driven educational process for the emergence of scholars, leaders, thinkers, and other contributors to the society.

The objectives of the department are:

1. To develop teaching programs in accounting and finance in response to the emerging business and economic issues and enhance students’ professional competence for career in business, non-profit and governmental organizations.

2. To create a keen interest and understanding among students and faculty about the world at large through various academic and extra-curricular activities.

3. To create a competitive and interdisciplinary learning, research, and service environment within the College and the University.



Contact Info

Dr. Mohammad G. Robbani, Chair
New School of Business (NSB), Room 215

Phone: 256.372.5095

Fax: 256.372.5874


Ms. Valarie Owens,
Senior Secretary

New School of Business (NSB), Room 215

Phone: 256.372.5083

Fax: 256.372.5874