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University Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures provide the operating principles for the University, departments of Human Resources, Business and Finance, General Counsel, and Information Technology Services, and supersede any prior procedures.

Smoke Free Campus Policy

SMOKE FREE CAMPUS POLICY.pdfSmoke Free Campus Policy

Student Affairs

Service Animal Policy-pdf.pdfService Animal Policy

Graduate Studies

Procedure - Nonresident Tuition Rates.pdfResident Student Rates - Qualifications for Graduate Students

 Business & Finance

  3.1     Procedure_No__3_1_-Preparing_and_Issuing_Grant_Expenditure_Check_Payments.pdfPreparing and Issuing Grant-Expenditure Check Payments

  3.2     Procedure 3.2 - Interview and Relocation Expenses.pdfInterview and Relocation Expenses

  3.3     Procedure 3.3 - Enabling Electronic W-2 Employee Consent.pdfEnabling Electronic W-2 Employee Consent

  3.4     Procedure 3-4 - AP - Travel   Revised 2015-05-19 (FINAL).pdfTravel 

  3.5     Procedure No. 3.5 AAMU Indebtness Procedure.pdfAAMU Indebtness Procedure

  3.6     Procedure No  3.6 Red Flags Rule (Identity Theft Prevention).pdfRed Flags Rule (Identity Theft Prevention)

  3.7     3.7 Processing and Tax Treatment of Scholarships, Fellowships, and Stipends.pdfProcessing and Tax Treatment of Scholarships, Fellowships, and Stipends

 General Counsel 

  4.2     4.2 Contract Review and Approval Process.pdfContract Review and Approval Process

  4.3     4.3 2014-06-17-4 3_Delegation_of_Authority_for_Employment_Discipline_and_Termination_of_Personnel.pdfDelegation of Authority for Employment, Discipline, and Termination of Personnel

  4.4     4.4 Public Records Act Request Inspection and Production Policy.pdfPublic Records Act Request Inspection and Production Policy

  4.5     4.5_Delegation_of_signatory_on_AAMU_contracts.pdfDelegation Of Signatory On AAMU Contracts

IT Services

  5.1     Responsible Use of University Computing Resources

  5.2     Data, Information Access & Security Policy

  5.3     Web Page Policy

  5.4     Technology Purchases and Acquisitions

  5.5      Electronic Communications, Including Email

  5.6     Distance Education

 Human Resources

 G.1     Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Procedure and Travel form December 2014.pdfEbola Virus Disease (EVD) and International Travel form

  6.1     2016 February 15  Procedure No. 6.1 - Sick Leave Allocation Program FINAL.pdfVoluntary Sick Leave Allocation Program    

  6.2     2014 June 24 6.2 - Personnel Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy FINAL.pdfPersonnel Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention      

  6.3     6.3 - Job Abandonment Procedure.pdfJob Abandonment Procedure 

  6.4     Minors in the Workplace

  6.5     2017 January 23 Procedure No  6.5 Workplace Safety and Injury Reporting (FINAL).pdfWorkplace Safety and Injury

  6.6     6.6 - Business Dress and Business Casual Dress Procedure.pdfBusiness Dress and Business Casual Dress Code 

  6.7     2016 August 28  Procedure 6.7 Family Medical Leave Act (FINAL).pdfFamily Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  6.8     Procedure 6.8 Americans with Disabilities Act September 16 2011 FINAL.pdfAmericans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  6.9     6.9 Reclassifying Staff Positions and form September 2015 (FINAL).pdfReclassifying Staff Positions

  6.10   6.10 - Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy.pdfNon-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy

  6.11    Procedure No. 6.11 - Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures.pdfSexual Harassment Complaint Procedures

  6.12    2013 August 8 Weapon Procedure (FINAL).pdfWeapons and Firearms on Campus Procedure

  6.13    Procedure 6.13-Work Limit.pdfWork Hours Limit for Part-time Staff Employees and Student Workers (Graduate and Undergraduate)

  6.14    6 14 Background Check Procedure (FINAL) March 29 2017.pdf Background Check Procedure 

  6.15    6 15 Children and University Programs (jul 1 2014).pdfChildren Involved in University-Sponsored Programs or Programs held at the University and/or housed in University Facilities

  6.16    Procedure 6.16 Liberal Leave January 2015.pdfLiberal Leave

  6.19    6.19 - Career Ladder Procedure and Request Form FINAL.pdfCareer Ladder Procedure and Request Form

  6.20    Procedure 6.20-Supplemental, Extra Services, and Overtime Payment.pdfSupplemental, Extra Services, and Overtime Payment

  6.21    6.21 University Vehicle Safety Procedure.pdfUniversity/State Vehicle Safety Procedure