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Office of Marketing and Public Relations

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The bottomline is this: all things must somehow come together for the good of the student.  The constant pulls and tugs, the incessant massaging of egos, the jockeying for relevance ... it all means nothing if students at day's end aren't being provided the tools needed to make tomorrow's world a better place.


Toward this end, MPR works diligently to foster a positive image for the University through the constant gathering and incessant dissemination of information about events, people and programs.  This is accomplished by a variety of methods, ranging from the traditional news release, published and online magazines to the use of online media management and social media. 

The Office also serves as a resource point for media personnel and the community.  Moreover, it provides support to university publication development, as well as other varied special services campus-wide (i.e., announcements, photography, resolutions, special recognition, etc.), limited only by the cycle of available resources.

Among MPR’s seven main goals are the following:  1) To provide media sources with ongoing information about the people, programs and services of the University; 2) To build relationships with media personnel that posture the office as the key source for information; 3) To develop innovative advertising concepts for use in print and broadcast media; 4) To continue to work closely with the Telecommunication Center/WJAB-FM in the furtherance of its marketing efforts and proven expertise in the broadcast arena; 5) To continue to aggressively seek out news and story possibilities and to develop and disseminate them to media sources with minimum delay; 6) To continue to increase the availability of published materials about the University; and 7) To continue to build effective internal and interoffice relationships. 


The Office maintains a repository of images which document a plethora of University activities and events.  These images are offered freely and extensively.  Moreover, a more comprehensive range of the various functions of this unit are listed in the sidebar to the right. 


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“Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University reflects the uniqueness of the traditional land-grant institution combining teaching, research, service, liberal arts, and vocational fields. The University offers baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral level degrees that are compatible with the times to all qualified and capable individuals who are interested in further developing their technical, scientific, professional, and scholastic skills and competencies. The University operates in the three-fold function of teaching, research, extension and other public service. Alabama A&M University, a center of excellence, provides an educational environment for the emergence of scholars, scientists, leaders, critical thinkers, and other contributors to a global society.” 
Alabama A&M University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.


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