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Private Loans - Lender's List

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Select your preferred lender from the list below:


SallieMae Smart Option Private Student Loan


The Smart Option Student Loan® is a great way to pay for school expenses not covered by scholarships and federal loans.


Wells Fargo Student Loans for College


Find a loan that meets your needs.

Wells Fargo collegiate Loan, Wells Fargo Education Connection Loan or Wells Fargo Student Loan for Parents

Download our Application Disclosures for our private student loans


Discover Student Loans


Discover Student Loans is one of the largest providers of private student loans in the United States. We understand that determining how to pay for college and graduate school has changed, and we provide schools, students and their families with tools and resources to help them navigate these changes and make the dream of a college education into a reality.


Advantage Education Loan


With Advantage Education Loans you can choose the loan that’s right for you!

Advantage Education Loans are great options when you need additional funds to pay college expenses and manage your education debt. Whether you are a student, parent or working professional, choosing an Advantage Education Loan is the smart decision.


Citizens One Student Loan


The Citizens One loan offers students and co-signers a more affordable way to pay for college, and allows students to begin establishing their own credit. Borrowers have the choice of a fixed or variable rate. And, with our exclusive multi-year approval, will know how much they could borrow through graduation. There’s no need for approved applicants to re-apply every year. Just simply request the funds.