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Clarence F. Stephens Hall

An All-Male Residence


StephensHall.jpgThe Clarence F. Stephens Hall opened in 1981.  The four story air-conditioned residence hall houses 168 students in double occupancy and private rooms for first year students.  The facility offers a TV viewing lounge, a study lounge, laundry facilities, a computer lab, wireless internet, offices and counselor’s quarters. 

Clarence F. Stephens was a native of Newell, AL. He, along with two brothers and two sisters, received B.S. Degrees from Alabama A&M University. Stephens was a very bright student who majored in mathematics and minored in chemistry.  He also was enrolled in advanced studies at AAMU; where he graduated in 1970.

Students residing in Stephens Hall are able to bring a 1.7 Cubic Ft. Compact Fridge any above 1.7 Cubic are not allowed.

Hall Director:  Mr. Randy Rynes
Office Phone:  256.372.5815
24 hour Desk operation

Student Mailing Address

Alabama A&M University

Student Name
Stephens Hall, Room ###
Normal, AL 35762

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