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Undergraduate Program Overview

The undergraduate major in psychology requires 38 semester hours in psychology, and the minor in psychology requires 18 semester hours in psychology. Both the major and the minor have specified required psychology courses, with additional hours needed to complete degree requirements.


Important Program Information

    • Any assigned remedial courses are in addition to the required psychology curriculum. 

    • Credit hours earned in these courses cannot be applied toward total hours needed to fulfill degree requirements.

    • Grades lower than a "C" will not be counted toward the major requirement

    • All psychology majors must have a minor area of concentration.

    • A minimum of 127 semester hours is required for graduation. Click here to view the undergraduate curriculum checklist.

    • Individual Study (PSY 405) and Psychology Internship (PSY 421 & PSY 422) require the ermission of the student's advisor prior to enrollment.

    • Seminar in Psychology (PSY 404) is only open to junior and senior psychology majors.

Undergraduate Major in Psychology
PSY 202    History & Systems in Psy.          
PSY 301    Elementary Behavior Statistics            
PSY 307    Introduction to Research
PSY 416    Experimental Psychology
PSY 416L  Experimental Psychology Lab
PSY 404    Seminar in Psychology
PSY 415    Physiological Psychology
PSY 415L  Physiological Psychology Lab
PSY 471    Abnormal Psychology
Electives    15 hours

Undergraduate Minor in Psychology
PSY 202    History and Systems in Psy.
PSY 301    Elementary Behavior Statistics
PSY 307    Introduction to Research
PSY 471    Abnormal Psychology
Electives    6 hours

Psychology Electives
PSY 303    Applied Psychology
PSY 304    Developmental Psychology
PSY 320    Cognitive Psychology
PSY 325    Behavioral Disorders in Children
PSY 330    Social Psychology
PSY 340    Principles of Learning
PSY 350    Conditioning of Behavior
PSY 360    Personality Theories
PSY 365    Psychology and the Law
PSY 402    Psychology of Adjustment
PSY 403    Educational Psychology
PSY 405    Individual Study
PSY 406    Industrial Psychology
PSY 410    Helping Skills and Techniques
PSY 421    Psychology Internship I
PSY 422    Psychology Internship II
PSY 423    Adolescent Psychology
PSY 482    Human Sexuality
PSY 485    Psychological Testing