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Brandie Stringer

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Graduate Research Assistant

Major Advisor: Yong Wang

Degree: MS candidate in Plant and Soil Science (focus on Wildlife Ecology)

Projected Graduation Date: May 2013

Center for Forest Ecosystem Assessment


Degrees Earned

​BS in Biology, University of South Alabama (2006)

Emphasis in Environmental Sciences

Current Research Interests and Activities

Ms. Stringer is interested in early successional and forest interior songbird ecology. She is currently researching songbird ecology in USDA Forest Service-managed forests on the Cumberland Plateau, in cooperation with the USDA-FS Southern Research Station's Upland Hardwood Ecology and Management team. She is currently focusing her studies on conservation biology, entomology, GIS and Remote Sensing, and statistics.

Other Research Interests and Activities

Prior to attending AAMU, Ms. Stringer participated in research efforts including: Ivory-billed Woodpecker search in Texas, Pileated Woodpecker ecology study in  Arkansas, bird surveys in Nevada and California, groundfish surveys in Alaska, Mississippi Sandhill Crane management, and West Nile Virus assessment in coastal Alabama.


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“Forest Disturbance and a Songbird Community: Temporal Response,” Association of Southeastern Biologists Annual Conference, Huntsville, AL. Poster presentation, April 2011.


“Forest Disturbance and a Songbird Community: Temporal Response,” Alabama Chapter of the Wildlife Society Annual Meeting, Prattville, AL. Poster presentation, March 2011.


“Mississippi Coastal Management and Ecological Forecasting,” Southern Growth Policies Board Annual Conference, St. Louis, MO. Poster presentation, June 2007.


“Beach Monitoring and NASA DEVELOP Program,” Alabama Public Health Association Annual Conference, Mobile, AL. Oral presentation, May 2007.


“NASA DEVELOP National Program,” University of Alabama at Birmingham Lung Health Conference, Birmingham, AL. Oral presentation, January 2007.


Stringer, B.K. and J. Favors. 2007. Improving the Assessment Capabilities of Encephalitis in Alabama by Integrated Use of NASA TRMM Mission. Abstract submitted to Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society for review.

Stringer, B.K., Y. Wang, and C.J. Schweitzer. 2011. Forest Disturbance and a Songbird Community: Temporal Response. Association of Southeastern Biologists 72nd Annual Meeting, Huntsville, AL. Abstract published, Alabama Academy of Science.