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Lisa Gardner, Walls of Jericho, Jackson County, AL. 2006.
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CFEA Mission

The Center for Forest Ecosystem Assessment (CFEA) has two primary goals​

​​( 1 ) To Strengthen Integrative, Multi-disciplinary Research for Improved Understanding of Forest Ecosystems

The CFEA team has coordinated most of its research efforts within a common site and of an integrated problem related to the forest ecosystem. The research is based on the concept that characteristics of an ecosystem are determined by several relatively independent ‘external state factors’ (global climate, geology, time, etc.) and by interactive controls (regional climate, disturbance regime, human activities, etc.) that both effect, and are affected by, ecosystem processes (read more)​...

​( 2 ) To Increase the Number of Trained Professionals, Especially African Americans, Engaged in Research, Teaching, and the Management of Renewable Natural Resources

Since the inception of CFEA, about seventy-two faculty and students each year have worked on CFEA related projects. Competitive stipends allowed us to recruit and retain quality minority students. Twenty-seven (22 M.S. and 5 Ph.D.) of thirty-five graduate students who have participated in CFEA affiliated studies were awarded degrees (read more)...​

NSF CREST Annual Reports online​

Other CFEA related reports


This is a Center for Research Excellence in Science and Technology, funded through the National Science Foundatio​n​  (grant #  1036600).   ​​


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