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Faculty Mentors

Alabama A&M University faculty mentors for 2014: Dr. Yong Wang (statistics, ecology, wildlife), Dr. Khairy Soliman (genetics), Dr. Elica Moss (environmental science, soils), Dr. Malinda Gilmore (environmental science, chemistry), Dr. Florence Okafor (environmental science, microbiology), Dr. Kozma Naka (forestry).

Graduate student co-mentors: Kevin Messenger (PhD candidate, Dr. Yong Wang; conservation biology of Chinese herpetofauna), Mercedes Bartkovich (MS candidate, Dr. Yong Wang; stable isotopic signatures of neotropical migrants), and Angelica Durrah (MS candidate, Dr. Khairy Soliman; genetic bottlenecking of salamanders in relation to silvicultural practices).

Visit our previous REU program webpages to explore previous research through this REU program (2012, 2013).



The Research Experiences for Undergraduates program is funded through the National Science Foundatio​n​  (grant #  1063101).   ​​



The USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (grant No. 2009-51160-05462 and No. 2013-38821-21250)

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