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Faculty Mentors

Alabama A&M University faculty mentors: Faculty mentors vary from year to year. Dr. Yong Wang (statistics, ecology, wildlife), Dr. Elica Moss (environmental science, soils), and Dr. Kozma Naka (forestry) tend to be program staples. 

Other faculty mentors in the past have been:

Dr. Khairy Soliman (genetics / genomics) (2012-2014)

Dr. William Stone (wildlife; bats and small mammals) (2013-2014)

Dr. Tyesha Farmer (genetics) (2016)

Dr. Malinda Gilmore (environmental sciences; chemistry) (2013)

Dr. Abreeotta Williams (genetics) (2015)

Dr. Guohao He (plant breeding and genetics) (2014, 2016)

Graduate student co-mentors: This program is designed for both undergraduate and graduate students. Graduate students are expected to co-mentor undergraduates.

Lisa Gardner (ecology, wildlife), program coordinator also co-mentors with Dr. Wang.

Visit our previous REU program webpages to explore previous research through this REU program (2012, 2013).


The USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (grant No. 2009-51160-05462 and No. 2013-38821-21250)


The Research Experiences for Undergraduates program is funded through the National Science Foundatio​n​  (grant #  1063101).   ​​


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