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Thilini D. Ranatunga, Ph.D

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Research Associate Professor

Environmental/Analytical/Soil Chemistry


Program Area Affiliation: Environmental Soil and Water Sciences


Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Alabama A&M University

CCS-BW Room 207A

P. O. Box 1208
Normal, AL 35762


Phone: 256-372-4225

Fax: 256-372-5429



Degrees Earned

Ph.D. Chemistry (1995) Purdue University, IN

MS    Chemistry (1990) Bowling Green State University, OH

BS    Chemistry (1984) University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka



Soil, Plant, and Water Analysis; Soil Chemistry


Research Interest

Research related to environmental/soil chemistry and analytical method development for environmental sample analysis


Current research

  • Studies on heat-induced structural changes in soil organic matter and black carbon distribution in a prescribed burned forest ecosystem
  • Studies on arsenic sorption/speciation in soil
  • Organic phosphorus transformation in forest soils
  • Phosphorus and metal distribution and sorption/release in soil aggregate factions from poultry litter applied soils
  • Studies on volcanic soils: Effect of Soufriere Hills volcanic eruption on plant and soil environment of Montserrat Island, West Indies
  • Studies on kinetics and mechanisms of heavy metal retention/release in geochemical processes in soil
  • Phosphorus transformation in poultry litter amended soil: phosphorus fractionation and phosphorus chemistry