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Colmore S. Christian, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor               

Forest Recreation and OutreachColmore.jpg

      138 ARC Building
      Alabama A&M University
      P.O. Box 1927
      Normal, AL 35762
(256) 372-4335
      Fax:  (256) 372-8404
      E-mail: colmore.christian@aamu

PhD (1996) - Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management with focus on Ecological Impact Assessment (Clemson University, South Carolina)


Introduction to Forestry and Forest Recreation


Research focus areas include Outdoor Recreation; Nature-based and Heritage Tourism; Ecological Impact Assessment; Sustainable Development; Visitor Behavior, Attitude, and Perspectives; and Natural Resources/Wildlife Ecology (Parrots and Iguanas).


Collaborate with other partners on various outreach and extension initiatives (e.g. training, proposal development, technical support, etc) targeted at underserved landowners and their organizations, community groups, and high school students in Southeast US in general and in Alabama in particular.

Other Relevant Experiences:

Many years of experience in public sector administration, natural resource management and research in the Caribbean. Gained a wealth of experience through years of collaboration with and participation in NGOs and voluntary/civic organizations.