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​Luben Dimov, Ph.D.Dimov.jpg

Associate Professor of Silviculture and Forest Ecological Management

Forestry, Ecology, and Wildlife Program


       146 Agricultural Research Center

       P. O. Box 1927

       Alabama A&M University

       Normal, AL 35762


       Phone: (256) 372-4545

       Fax: (256) 372-8404




Degrees Earned

PhD in Renewable Natural Resources, 2004, Louisiana State University

MSc in Forestry, 1998, University of Forestry, Sofia, Bulgaria



  1. Introduction to Forestry, NRE 281, 3 credit hours, taught twice a year
  2. Forest Ecology and Lab, NRE 389, 4 credit hours
  3. Silviculture and Lab, NRE 375, 4 credit hours
  4. Forest Ecological Management, NRE 474, 2 credit hours, pre-capstone course for Forestry majors
  5. Forest Ecological Management Project and Lab, NRE 497, 4 credit hours, capstone course for Forestry majors
  6. Ecological Restoration of Hardwood Forest Ecosystems,  NRE 586, 3 credit hours
  7. Applied Forest Ecology, NRE 701, 3 credit hours
  8. International Exch​ange and Study Abroad NRE 493/593, 3-6 credits
  9. Special Problems in Forestry, NRE 490
  10. Assist with silviculture and mensuration during summer forestry field techniques (our summer forestry field camp)​ 


General Research Interests

Forest ecology, silviculture, and management.


Publications and additional information.