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Rory Fraser, Ph.D.  


   Professor  Dawn___Rory_Fraser.jpg
   Forest Economics and Policy


   135 Agricultural Research Center

   P. O. Box 1927

   Alabama A&M University

   Normal, AL 35762


   Phone: 256-372-4217

   Fax:    256-372-8404

   E-mail:                                                                             Dr. Fraser and his wife Dawn



Degrees Earned

Ph.D. 1993, Pennsylvania State University



Forest Economics, Natural Resources Policy, Environmental Policy and Law, Cooperative Education


Research Interests

Identifying and addressing forestland owners’ needs, entrepreneurship in the forestry sector, community forestry and forest-based economic development.


Dr. Fraser’s research involves examining the social and economic relationships between forests and people in rural Alabama, the role of minority landowners and entrepreneurs in forestry and forest products economies of the United States and the building of a forestry outreach program for Alabama’s under-served woodland owners. He works closely with the National Network of Forest Practitioners, the Alabama Forestry Commission, the Federation of Southern Cooperatives and the Alabama Consortium in articulating opportunities for underrepresented minorities in forestry and service delivery to underserved forestland owners.