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William E. “WES” Stone, Ph.D.

Associate Professor   Stone.jpg

Forest Wildlife

Certified Wildlife Biologist

Coordinator, FEWP      


    144 Agricultural Research Center

    100 Drake Drive

    Alabama A&M Universit

    Normal, AL 35762


    Phone: 256-372-4248

    FAX:  256-372-8404



Degrees earned:

Associate of Arts, Santa Fe Community College

B.S. in Forest Resources & Conservation (Major: Wildlife Ecology) Univ. of Florida

M.S. in Fisheries & Wildlife Management, Utah State University

Ph.D. in Wildlife Ecology, Utah State University - 1995



Principles of Wildlife Management, Wildlife Techniques, Wildlife-Forestry Relationships, Wildlife Biology and Identification


Professional Interests:

Dr. Stone has developed  minors in Wildlife Biology and Fisheries at AAMU.  He advises the AAMU student Chapter of the Society of American Foresters (Forestry Club) at AAMU . He is active in several wildlife, forestry and ecology professional societies. Dr. Stone’s research involves determination of important habitat factors for a variety of wild animals in forest environments. Currently, his research focuses on mammals including bats, feral swine, and small mammal communities. He also studies neotropical migrant birds; impact of wildlife on forest regeneration and management; human-wildlife conflicts; and management/policy issues relating to wild species that are hunted, endangered, or cause economic damage to agricultural crops.



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