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Forest Service Jobs and Commitment to Diversity

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    Diversity is Growing in the Forest Service
The Forest Service is one of the largest Federal employers of professionals who love the outdoors - with a diverse workforce that includes people with disabilities, women and minorities. It's no accident. Forest Service diverse employee base is the result of more than a decade of work implementing outreach programs that help inform and recruit highly qualified diversity candidates. The Multicultural Workforce Strategic Initiatives are exciting programs that offer diverse prospects opportunities to explore a career with the Forest Service.

   Multicultural Workforce Strategic Initiatives
Each year, the Multicultural Workforce Strategic Initiatives (MWSI) program offers a number of opportunities for giving top students with diverse backgrounds access to paid work experience with the Forest Service - as well as the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in natural resource careers. The Forest Service's network of MWSI liaisons connect with colleges, universities and communities nationwide to identify qualified and talented students for the Forest Service. Typically, those hired as MWSI participants are employed under the Forest Service's Pathways Program. Those who show particular potential for employment may be recruited to be "student trainees" under the Pathways Program. With the help of this student program, the MWSI liaisons help the Forest Service fill many of its new permanent, entry-level positions - offering the reward of a Forest Service career to highly-talented diverse candidates who are already trained and qualified to serve in duty stations across the country.
     Alabama A&M Initiative involves the recruitment of students from Alabama A&M University pursuing careers in forestry and other natural resource-related fields. The Initiative includes a full-time Forest Service employee located on campus.

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