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Human Development and Family Studies Program (HDF)

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Tekebia Brown, Mishaella Laurent, D. Sadguna Anasuri, Kaasha Campbell & Tiffany Jordan

The Human Development and Family Studies Program focuses on the family and relationships throughout the life cycle in a setting of multicultural forces. Both theoretical and research findings are integrated into a multidisciplinary approach to addressing the problems facing families in modern society.


Graduates may pursue careers in family life, child and adolescent development, government, social service agencies, teaching, or private businesses that specialize in goods and services for the family.  There are two concentrations offered through the area:


Family and Consumer Sciences Education is offered in cooperation with the School of Education.

Tiffany Jordan, Tekebia Brown, Dr. Cynthia Smith, Kaasha Campbell & Dr. Sadguna Anasuri



Contact Info


Dr. Sadguna Anasuri

Associate Professor &
Program Coordinator

Carver Complex - Bonner

Room 112-C

Ph: 256-372-6201