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Sadguna Anasuri, Ph.D., CFLE

           Doctor of Philosophy: Child Development
                            Texas Woman’s University 2006
           Masters of Science: Human Development and Family Studies
                            University of North Texas 2001
           Masters of Science: Human Development and Family Studies
                            A. R. Agricultural University 1990
           Bachelors of Science: Home Sciences, A. R. Agricultural University 1988

Courses Taught at AAMU
           HDF 211 Child Growth and Development
           HDF 303 Family Theory
           HDF 304 Parenting
           HDF 306 Middle Childhood & Adolescence
           HDF 314 Family and Society
           HDF 410 Readings/Research in Adolescence
           HDF 412 Independent Study
           HDF 418/444 Directed Field Experience
           HDF 515 Social and Emotional Development of Children
           HDF 524 Adults and Their Relationships
           HD 530 Special Problems in Child Development

Scholarship Activities
           Evans-Allen grants research project, “Effects of mass media on overweight
                      and obesity among young adults” 2014 - 2017

           Research study - Cognitive development and concept of “old” among 3-5
                      year-old preschooler children, 2012

           Assessment and understanding and critical/creative thinking in human
                      development courses, 2011
           Doctoral dissertation: Perceptions and Attitudes of 7-11-year-old Grandchildren
                      Raised by Grandparents, 2006
           Master's Thesis: Language Modification According to the Age of the Listener
                     Among 6-7 year-old Rural Children, 1990

Service Activities   
           Certified Family Life Educator, Minneapolis, MN, 2007 till present
           Editor, Newsletter for Texas Association for the Parent Educators
           Professional Advisory Board Member, American Biographical Institute, 2007
           Peer-reviewer for National Council on Family Relations,
                     Society for Research in Child Development,
                     and Society for Teaching of Psychology

Research Interests
           Grandparents raising grandchildren, Parenting education,
           Technology and families, Language development, Family diversity
           Influences of social media on obesity/overweight, Acculturation, 
           Understanding children's drawings
, Trends in human development

           Chancellor's Research Scholar Award, Texas Woman's University 2005 & 2006

           Mary Bryan and Tom C. Reich Scholarship for Merit,
                       Texas Women’s University, 2003
           Junior Research Fellowship, Indian Council for Agricultural Research, 1988-1990

           American Association for Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS)
           American Psychological Association (APA)
           National Council on Family Relations (NCFR)
           National Association for Education of the Young Children (NAEYC)
           National Coalition for Black Development in Family and Consumer Sciences
           National Institute for Development of Black Children (NIDBC)
           Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD)
           Society for the Teaching in Psychology (STP)
           Texas Association of Parent Educators (TAPE)
                         Hosted by University of North Texas Center for Parent Education
           The American Association of University Women (AAUW)
Other Information 
           Coordinator, Human Development and Family Studies Area

             Member, (CALNS) Curriculum Committee
           Task-Force Member, American Association for Family and Consumer Sciences - 
                       FRHD Community

           Executive Board Member, Alabama Association for Family And
                       Consumer Sciences (ALAFCS)