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Judith Boateng, Ph.D

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Judith Boateng, PhD

Assistant Professor

Food Science/Food/Nutritional Toxicology

Department of Food and Animal Sciences

ARC Room 115

 PHONE: (256) 372-8794

FAX: (256) 372-5288




  • Alabama A&M University, Normal Al (2004-2007) Doctor of Philosophy in Food science
  • Alabama A&M University, Normal Al (2000-2003) Master of Science in Food Science
  • Alabama A&M University, Normal Al (1995-2000) Bachelor of Science in Biology



  • Bioefficacy (potential toxicity) of  herbal medicinal preparations and spices/Investigation of whole food, phytochemicals/bioactive compounds in chronic disease prevention; plant and mammalian tissue culture ( testing for in-vitro toxicities of bioactive compounds)
  • Influence of food matrix and processing on bioavailability of bioactives; nutraceuticals and functional foods; bioactive properties of phytochemicals; nutrient analysis and identification of bioactives
  • Effect of nutrients and bioactives on antioxidant status, oxidative stress, and biomarkers associated with inflammation and colon cancer development.
  • Prebiotic potential of leguminous sources: nuts and beans


  • FAS 408/508: Food Analysis
  • FAS 611: Food Toxicology
  • FAS 644: Proteins in Foods & Nutrition
  • FAS 646: Carbohydrate and Lipids in Foods
  • FAS 711: Advance Food Toxicology