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Biology Track Options

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The Biology major curriculum includes 114 hours of  “core” courses, 8 hours of option courses and 4 hours of free electives for a total of 126 hours for graduation with a B.S. degree in biology. The courses for OPTION TRACKS are as follows
Track 1                   Track 2                   Track 3                   Track 4                   
Botany                    Zoology                 Med- Tech               Pre-Med              
Plant Physiol.      Mol. Biology            Med. Microbio.           Mol. Biology     
Plant Pathology   Parasitology             Parasitology              Human A & P   
Plant Anatomy     Entomology             Anal. Chem.              Med-Microbio    
Environ.Biol         Med-Microbio           Immunology               Immunology      
                          Biochemistry            Biochemistry             Biochemistry     
   Track 5
Environ. Health
Intr. Environ. Health
Applied Statistics Ecology
Radiation Biol                           
Note: Students with the recommendation of advisor may select a minimum of 8 semester hours for a track option in the biology program. Students may not substitute courses in a track