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Environmental, Soil and Water Sciences Program (ESWSP)

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The Environmental, Soil and Water Sciences Program (ESWSP), as part of the total University, seeks to reflect the mission of the traditional land-grant institution, combining education, research, and service to the public.


The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences offers three bachelor degrees in natural resources and environmental sciences: Plant Science (Crop Science, Horticulture and Molecular Biology), Forestry (Forest Science and Forest Management) and Environmental Science (Soil Science, Environmental Science, Environmental Health Science, and minor in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems). The major in Soil Science gives the student a strong foundation in the physical, chemical, and biological principles of soil and water sciences.


Training in Soil Science prepares the student for positions in research, extension, in various state/federal government agencies, industry, and business, or the pursuit of graduate work in soils or related areas. Soil scientists can qualify for openings in land reclamation, soil conservation, soil surveying and engineering, land management, fertilizer and chemical industries, and with inspection and regulatory agencies.


The major in Environmental Science prepares a student for strong background in environmental, related sciences, and for regulatory governmental positions that require interdisciplinary training. Students take several courses in chemistry and instrumental analysis related to pollution abatement. The program prepare student for further graduate study.  This statement is consistent with the missions of the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, the College of Agricultural, Life, and Natural Sciences, and Alabama A&M University to which the ESWSP belongs.


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Program Coordinator

​Dr. Wubishet Tadesse


Campus Location

Carver Complex-Thomas Wing

Room A-209​


P: 256.372.4252