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Integrated Water Quality Program

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Funded Projects

  • Assessing Drinking Water Quality: Impacts on Human Health and Wellness. 2010-2011

  • Cumulative Effects of Drought and Urbanization on the Flint River Watershed Ecosystem: Integrated Research, Education, and Extension. 2011-2012

  • Soil Climate and Morphology of Temporarily-Saturated Soils in Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee. 2011-2014

  • Distribution of Mercury in Flint Creek Watershed: Implications for Mercury Bioaccumulation. 2011-2013

  • Implementation of the Alabama Urban Home*A*Syst Program: An Environmental Risk Assessment Program for Urban Homeowners. 2012-2013

  • Addressing Critical and Emerging Safety Issues in Human, Animal, and Environmental Health through Extension Outreach. 2012-2015

  • Alabama Mesonet Weather Stations

  • Geospatial Data Analysis Center for Forecasting Drought and Flood and expansion of the Alabama Mesonet (ALMNet) at AAMU


Water Quality Research Publications

Okweye, P., K. Garner and T. Tsegaye. 2013. Occurrence and Assessment of Pharmaceuticals and other Toxic Industrial Chemical Pollutants in the Lower Tennessee River Basin. Intl. J. of Chemical, Environmental and Pharmaceutical Research. 4(1):31-45.


Okweye, P. 2013. Seasonal Variation in Physicochemical Parameters and Heavy Metals Assessment in Surface Water of North Alabama.  Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment. 17(7):67-77.

P. Okweye and K. Garner. 2013. Distribution and Seasonal Variation of Total Metals in Surface Water of the Tennessee River Basin. Intl. J. Agric. Env. Biotech. 6(1): 11-16.

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Golson-Garner, K., T.D. Tsegaye, P. Okweye, W. Tadesse and S. Dennis. 2007. Spatial and temporal distribution of heavy metals in the Indian Creek Watershed. J. of Environmental Monitoring and Restoration. 3:101-115.

Okweye, P. T. D. Tsegaye, K. Golson-Garner. 2007. Distribution of heavy metals in surface water of the Wheeler Lake Basin in Northern Alabama. J. of Environmental Monitoring and Restoration 3:91-100.

Tsegaye, T.D., R. Metzl, X. Wang, M. Schamschula, W. Tadesse, D. Clendonon, K. Golson, T.L. Coleman and G. Schaefer. 2004. Variability of soil moisture and temperature under different land use and land cover: The Alabama Mesonet (ALMNet) a long-term, near-real-time meteorological/soil profile station network. J. of Environmental Hydrology. 13:1-13.

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