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Plant Science

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​The Plant Science & Molecular Genetics Program (PSMGP) offers the degree in Plant Science, which has 2 majors.  The Plant Science-Horticulture Major is designed to provide a broad orientation to all aspects of Horticulture:  Floriculture, Ornamental Horticulture, Vegetable Crops, Fruit Crops, and Landscaping. Horticulture majors may qualify for positions in commercial nurseries or greenhouses, commercial fruit or vegetable producers, landscape services, public parks, private estates, golf courses, federal and state agencies, and seed production industries.  Many students, after completing this degree, pursue graduate programs in the areas of their interest in horticulture.

 The Plant Science-Crop Science Major provides a strong background in biological and life sciences, in preparation for employment or graduate study. Crop scientists qualify for technical and professional positions in federal, state, university, or private organizations relating to agricultural research, agricultural biotechnology, food/seed production, agribusiness, crop/farm/turfgrass management and agricultural extension. Many students enter graduate programs in agronomy and crop science upon completing this degree.

 Students choosing either the Crop Science or Horticulture major must complete each core course with a grade of “C” or better.  Core courses are the departmental courses (NRE prefix) required for a degree.